Self-monitoring and food safety procedures

Self-monitoring and food safety procedures

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Design, planning and implementation of self-monitoring systems per HACCP methodology, drafting of correct hygiene practice manuals pursuant to Reg. CE No. 852/2004, as amended, Reg. CE No. 853/2004, as amended, Reg. CE No. 178/2002 in the food safety field. Verification and validation of processes and products through the preparation of analytical verification plans.


Preparation of traceability systems in line with the nature and size of companies and pursuant to Reg. CE No. 178/2002 and its implementing regulation EU Reg. No. 931/11, at all stages of the food production, processing, and distribution process.

Management of non-compliances and health alerts

Assistance interpreting results, managing analytical non-compliances correctly, and everything related to health and safety, in addition to the preparation of adequate corrective actions. Provision of assistance to Food Business Operators, help implementing the most suitable solutions when withdrawing or recalling products from the market, and implementation of the current regulatory provisions.

Food Defence

Preparation of plans to prevent the risk of malicious acts or voluntary contamination of foodstuffs.

Food Safety Plans

Drawing up of manuals in line with FSMA principles and Preventive Controls for Human Food. Drafting and management of FSPs by a PCQI (Preventive Control Qualified Individual) for the export of food products to the USA.

Certification systems

Assistance with certification processes: Our consultants can provide the necessary support until you obtain certification. Through preventive inspections, we can draw up an advice and assistance schedule concerning the implementation of Management Systems, including integrated systems pursuant to ISO 9001, ISO 17025, ISO 22000, BRC, IFS, BRC/IOP, and ISO 22005 standards. Help choosing a certification body. Help during your first certification audit.

Audit management and resolution of findings

Internal audits (first-party)

Internal inspection activities on the correct application of self-monitoring systems, corporate procedures or compliance with the standards of reference in the field of food safety and corporate quality management systems. Post-certification maintenance, through audits and regular inspections.

Second-party supplier audits

Inspections carried out to check compliance of the quality systems implemented by means of special check-lists prepared in accordance with the tender specifications for entities, suppliers, large-scale distribution, and catering companies, to assess their organisational skills and test the quality of the services offered. Report writing.

Specialist technical services

Interpretation of analytical results and technical reports

Support on the choice of analytical tests and interpretation of results based on current standards, bibliographic data or supply specifications. Support in the drafting of technical reports.

Drafting of declarations of compliance and opinions and interpretations

On the results of accredited tests according to the instructions detailed in UNI EN ISO/IEC 17025 standards and the provisions of the reference standards.

Shelf-life studies and sensory analysis

Sensory analysis by means of numerous specific tests, including BLIND and consumer tests. Shelf-life studies, including predictive mode studies, preparation of the analytical plan with final reports.

Labelling and processing of nutritional panels

Labelling consultancy for the drafting and verification of food labelling, drafting of nutritional panels in compliance with current European legislation, Reg. (EU) No. 1169/11 as amended, and the provisions of international regulations (USA, Canada and Brazil, Japan, China, etc.).

Specialist training

Support and specific training for employees responsible for internal quality control at food companies, in addition to the correct use of procedures/records as part of self-monitoring systems and Food Quality and Safety Management Systems.

Refresher courses on food safety, including in collaboration with training bodies.

Customised solutions through dedicated training courses that meet company needs.

Help for companies during the start-up phase to obtain authorisations and awards.