Sampling and collecting samples

Sampling and collecting samples

The service

At Marino, we have a team of professional technicians who perform sampling and sample collection activities throughout Italy.

Equipped with the necessary instruments and methods, our sampling team is responsible for transporting samples to our laboratories in compliance with cold chain requirements and within the agreed timeframes. Our team remains up to date on compliance with the latest sampling regulations, guaranteeing high quality standards compliant with UNI EN ISO/IEC 17025 thanks to the experience it possesses, Marino provides customers who prepare samples themselves with a sample collection service, working together to correctly define performance requests and provide correct guidance on sampling phases (sampling methods, sample transport and storage, minimum quantities), plus instructions and sampling materials. We can also ship samples through affiliated couriers to ensure their timely and safe transport.

Food consultancy

Thanks to more than thirty years of experience in the food safety sector, we can provide companies with consultancy services on self-monitoring systems. We can also assist with the certification, implementation, and maintenance of management systems, in addition to training, auditing and assistance preparing supply specifications. Specialised technical support